Based on the signature sunset from MS Reverie on the Vine collection; and together with Italian based designers Aonie, Mukhi Sisters have collaborated on a limited edition of 10, handmade ceramic pendants.
On a 90cm chain and made of 9kt gold, this is one pendant you will not want to take off.
We suggest you personalize it by adding other good luck charms to it.
A cute and adorable nursery rhyme about new beginnings, Mukhi Sisters Baby Rocks collection is exclusively for cool babies and newborns. It’s a celebration of gold and enamelled jewelry that’s full of life. It’s the birth of pearls, playful earrings and colorful charm bracelets that are a bundle of joy. 
Capturing the beauty and simplicity of today’s world.
The idea to start this collection came from a feeling of constant dichotomy between the digital world and the real world. This collection captures the beauty and simplicity of simple, classic jewelry. Suggesting that every once in a while we should take a step back and appreciate the simple things in life.
Back to Basix pieces are set with colorless and fancy color diamonds. In this collection,
Mukhi Sisters played on the Oriental forms BTB geometrical rings create when stacked. All the pieces of this collection were handmade using a jewelry technique called milgrain ( millgrain) which translates to “a thousand grains”; milgrain detailing is a close-set row of gold beads that are used as a border.
Maya Mukhi insisted on using this technique on all the rings, earrings and pendants of BTB collection, to highlight the vintage beauty in modern jewelry.

As a child, Maya was intrigued by the shape and design of the first harem ring her father Chandru offered her. The name itself aroused her curiosity and she believes that this was when her love for stacking rings first started. Fast forward to today, Maya Meena and Zeenat decided to present their own take on Harem Rings. Divided into 3 parts, The Navaratna, The Tribal and The Holi Ring.

For the Mukhi Sisters' tenth collection, the heroism and inner strength of women has inspired geometric, sexy simplicity. Glory, the superhero symbol of No Guts, No Glory is here to send the timeless message of true strength coming from within. Rather than wearing items that have superpowers, Mukhi Sisters are here to remind women of their own. The designs have circular and geometric forms, all in 18k gold, drop-shaped rubies, oval sapphires, emerald-cut emeralds and diamonds. 

The only motif featured in the collection is the snake, symbolising regeneration and eternal life. Each piece in No Guts, No Glory demonstrates that real power comes from within. There are pendants and necklaces in the shape of a coin, like the armour of a warrior. The look is strong, in a warrior-princess-superhero way, not least with a special anklet that looks like a bangle.

As well as classic pieces like earrings, hoops, rings and chain bracelets, there are special ear-cuffs and double hoops, necklaces that have two rows, and pendants of different lengths.  One special aspect of this collection is the stacking game, especially with the necklaces, pendants and rings.

The serpentine bangle has the gravitas of an heirloom. Altogether this is a feisty, confident, sexy haut de gamme collection, as timeless as women's fortitude. This collection resonates as independent, and dedicated to staying true to that strength in body, soul, heart and mind.
Certain addictions are absolutely charming. Charm Junkie is one of the most-loved collections by the Mukhi Sisters. Talismans, vibrant colors, maxi pieces, stackables and mini pieces come together to channel positive energy. Each eye-catching trinket and marvelous charm is a unique, memorable and intricately designed lucky symbol. Being hooked never felt so good.   
Here is the woman behind #Diplowomen, Karma Kekmekji, sharing her collaboration with Mukhi Sisters for International Women's Day 2018. Please watch the video and wait for the BIG announcement at the end. We couldn't be prouder!

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#LDLxMukhi Sisters
Beiruti Sunset, from Reverie On The Vine collection by Mukhi Sisters
Designed in October 2015, the Beiruti Sunset pendant quickly became an iconic Mukhi Sisters piece. Together, Lana and Mukhi Sisters decided to send you some love and light this season, by creating this special Sunset on Fire Candle.

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A tribute to days of yore, Queen Vicky is a signature Mukhi Sisters collection that is really two lines in one: authentic vintage pieces and reproductions of vintage pieces. The authentic vintage creations combine fresh design with gold craftsmanship and precious stones. The selection of reproductions breaks the boundaries between modern and old-world jeweler techniques. Every item embodies a regal tale that speaks to the timeless in you. Abandon yourself to the past with stunning Victorian brooches, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Reconnect with the romantic in you.

The warm embrace of natural inspiration, Mukhi Sisters Reverie on the Vine collection exults the beauty of nature, capturing its rich shades of color and mystical energy. It’s about noticing details that are usually overlooked only to discover natural enchantment and unexplained mystery. Evolving with the changing seasons it is simple, clean and timeless. Matt yellow gold, vibrant colors, rich greens, mirrors that reflect the soul, pearls for contrast, and motifs from nature (leaves, flowers, branches etc.) combine to sow the seeds of real character in earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets and hair buckles. An especially glorious Beirut sunset inspired a design tribute that captures a real live moment in all its perfection. Each item is like an intimate/rejuvenating painting that imitates nature for the sake of art and yet it also tells a contemporary tale of reconnecting with something forgotten. Discover yourself through natural beauty.      

This was a collaboration that took us out of our comfort zone because it’s made of brass and that was a first for us!
We loved every minute of this collaboration because:
x Hair Accessories are the biggest trend of 2018
x We’ve collaborated on some super cool hair buns!
  x It’s the perfect accessory for when you want to dress up your look.
It was such a pleasure working with Roma, she has beautiful taste and energy! You can shop the pieces online, exclusively at our e-shop- and place orders for the items that are sold out.
We are offering you the chance to get 3 bracelets for the price of 2. After you add 3 bracelets of your choice to your cart, your discount will appear after proceeding to checkout.
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