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Awake, a new Lebanese series: it's the type of series that Lebanese televisions should be looking for ;)

Awake, a new Lebanese series: it's the type of series that Lebanese televisions should be looking for ;)

A couple of years ago, Zeenat and I were having coffee at Beirut Souks, at our usual hang out (Grid), when we met with our friend Mo.

Mo ( Mohamad Fathallah- Momo as I like to call him!) was telling us about this new project he was working on ( he comes from a family whos been in the film industry for generations now, and hes one of the producers-distributors of Khalil Gebrans The Prophet). He was saying hes working on a Lebanese series that will be a first of its kind for Lebanon- as we believe in him, we had no doubt that is was going to be something new ( and he promised I’d be an extra in it..)

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, to when Momo sends me an invite to the private screening of AWAKE- and so I went, with no expectations whatsoever. Little did I know that I was going to be immediately interested and very much into the story. Two episodes later and I was left speechless, with an immense feeling of pride and happiness, and I couldnt wait to watch the rest ( still waiting Momo- I hope I get an advantage being your friend!) I gave Mazen Fayad ( Mazen is the Director !) a hug. I am not a big fan of Lebanese series, but that wasnt the case with Awake. Mazen did a superb job directing Awake- there are moments when I could see emotions ( and this was at 11 AM on a Wednesday morning)

So, whats it about?

Its the story of a girl, who gets injured really bad after the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, and she ends up in a coma. She wakes up 12 years later and... and then you have to watch it!



What I loved about it?

The Script- I found it interesting, I love how Nadia Tabbara (who is the creator of the show!) took a major moment from our history, took a personal moment from it and made a scenario around it. It made me think of all the people who got injured and are still suffering since that day.

The Acting- I felt it was closer to real life than acting.

The Direction- that goes without saying.

I hope to see Awake real soon on TV as its the type of Lebanese series televisions

should be looking for.

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Finland was on my bucket list for quite a while...

Finland was on my bucket list for quite a while...

Finland was on my bucket list for quite a while and when my friend Michelle Karam posted about it, I didn’t hesitate I directly booked. It was an opportunity not to be missed.

Traveling to Finland was a long ride, I had to stop at London Heathrow airport, take another flight to Helsinki where you had to sleep at Hilton airport then early morning fly to Ivalo. This wasn’t a problem at all it was pure excitement.


The view you get from the plane makes your heart beat very fast, the nature covered with snow was just magical.

The whole trip was very well organized. Being outside at -27 Degrees is very challenging but you tend to forget about it when you find yourself surrounded with beauty and silence. The activities we did were so much fun from the shoe snowing over a frozen lake to the husky ride. Oh man! That husky ride was a different experience, riding inside a forest was just amazing! I even got a free hug from one husky who I wanted to take back home lol.

Traveling with strangers is challenging but we all made a good team. The flow was good since the beginning, we all made good efforts getting to know each other and I honestly believe new friendships are being built.

My piece of advice after that trip would be pick a new country each year and travel. Traveling is the only way to enrich the mind body and soul!

I hope you enjoyed this, until next time.

Big kiss


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When we first started watching Ru Paul’s drag race, we were like: what in the world are we watching? Needless to say that one episode later we were hooked. Ru Paul’s drag race is more than just glitter and dance; it is a show about love ,tolearnce, empowerment, helping each other out, creativity, and building self-confidence. We were just thrilled to have Sasha Velour at MS today! Sasha is the winner of Season 9 ( and he’s in town to celebrate the anniversary of Plastik Magazine- thank you Bashar Assaf for bringing Sasha to Mukhi Sisters)

Watching this show made us laugh, it made us cry, it made us sing, it made us want to put some heavy make-up on and get dressed like divas! Most of all it marked us with Ru Paul's words: ‘ if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gona love somebody else’ ❤️

See you soon Sasha ❤️and Mama Ru: we love you, we can’t wait to meet you one day ❤️.. and now I will Sashay Away for the night. PS: Eli Rezkalla💖💖💖💖


#rupaulsdragrace #beirut #rupaul #sashavelour #plastikmagazine #LQBTQ #LGBT ( NOTE TO LOUAY :WILL THE # SHOW?)

If you can’t love yourself mukhi sisters blog post

If you can’t love yourself mukhi sisters blog postIf you can’t love yourself mukhi sisters blog post

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It all started in the 1920s when our grandfather and his cousins decided to leave India and come to this part of the world. They eventually moved to Beirut and lived the good old days of the city to the fullest.

The Mukhis had Fine Jewellery Stores as well as Oriental Works & textile stores.

-A.Neechamal was at Avenue des français.

-Bombay Bazar facing Palm Beach Hotel.

-Rupkala facing Palm Beach Hotel.

-A boutique at the @lebristolhotel -A boutique at Capitol Hotel -A.Neechamal/Ashoka at Strand Building in Hamra.

They also had shops in Egypt, Syria, Libya, Doha and Dubai.

In 1979 our father, Chandru Mukhi, married Lebanese lady, Effat Kreidieh,

Together, they faced a lot of challenges and brought up the three of us, Maya, Meena and Zeenat.

In 1982, Effat’s Effys Jewellery saw the light. Effy, in case you havn’t met her, has been known for working with colored stones, since the beginning. Her style is unique to herself and she did numerous collaborations, mainly with the houses of O.J Perrin, Poiray, Pippo Perez.. She has participated in countless numbers of local and international events over the years and has helped the Syndicate of Jewellers in one of their biggest achievements.

There is no doubt that her love for precious stones and mixing styles has influenced us in our designs.

Growing up in a family of jewellers, Meena, Zeenat and myself were always exposed to stories of jewels and precious stones.

Our parents taught us respect and passed on to us their love and appreciation for everything beautiful.

As a child, I always knew that one day I was going to have my own company.

In 2009, I decided that I was going to make it happen and asked my sisters if they wanted to join me on this new adventure, and they agreed, without a doubt!

Why Mukhi Sisters? We wanted a name that wouldn’t be a fad, and we were looking for something that would describe us best. we wanted to share our personal style and so our name had to be a reflection of that.

The 3 of us knew that we were going to let you into our world, so we chose to keep our name, Mukhi. After all, it’s who we are! It is our legacy & it is a reference in the industry. So what better name to describe us?

As for Sisters, we’re naturally referring to our bond- in addition to that, we’re huge believers in women empowerment and all the change women can do. And in a world filled with …&sons or …brothers.. it only made more sense to us.

And so, Mukhi Sisters came to life in February 2009.

In 2011, we opened our first store at the Jewelers Souks in Beirut Souks.

Back then, our concept was to have a small boutique. A secret in Beirut, that had a bit of the cave of Ali Baba effect- we believed in the power of more is more and our windows were a mix of styles and colors, and it was up to the clients to create their own mix.


Mukhi Sisters is a brand that transforms stories and personal moments into finely crafted daywear jewellery with real individuality. Each piece embodies a distinctive narrative and unique energy. Perfect jewellery for every day(and night), the creations are linked to each sister’s personal style, interests and obsessions. An alluring cosmos of colours, signature styles and eye catching design, there’s always an element of surprise and the essence of evolution.

The subtle meets the bold. The vibrant clashes with the sober. The nostalgic is juxtaposed against the trendsetting. The ethnic merges with the urban. Nature blossoms next to fanciful symmetry. It’s a spectacle that celebrates the beauty of semi-precious stones, gold and diamonds to create original statements. The sisters believe in energies and personal style and this is what they transcend the most through their jewellery pieces. Boho chic meets vintage is the style that would describe them most.

Collections: Queen Vicky, EverYours, Contagious, Roman Number, Fleur De Lys, Dreamcatcher, Reverie on the Vine…And they participated in several regional and international shows.


In 2017, Mukhi Sisters is not just a jewellery brand anymore, it has developed into something more than that.

Today, along with Meena and Zeenat, the 3 of us have created a new Mukhi Sisters Experience for our clients. Bringing back the old (our history and old Beirut) in our own way, we opened Mukhi Sisters Fine Jewellery & Concept Store. A space inspired by the different industries that the Mukhi elders used to deal with (hence the concept store addition)

With our heads in the clouds and feet on the ground, we chose to collaborate with RG / Architects to bring our vision to life.

Rabih Geha’s vision is regularly intersected with the demands of his clients and the modern world. And this is a key point for Mukhi Sisters. Geha aimed to capture our jewellery style, he also aimed to capture our universe and translate our need into our first Mukhi Sisters flagship store.

We have more plans for the future, keep following our news for jewellery designs and other updates.

And for now, we leave you with these unofficial pictures of Mukhi Sisters. We’re at the Municipality of Beirut bldg, facing Vacheron Constantin. Pass by if you’re around!

Maya xx


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I went to Baalbeck a few days ago.

[For those of you who do not know Baalbeck, as described in Wikipedia  “In Greek and Roman antiquity, it was known as Heliopolis. It still possesses some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Lebanon, including one of the largest temples of the empire. The gods that were worshiped there (JupiterVenus, and Bacchus) were equivalents of the Canaanite deities HadadAtargatis, and another young male fertility god. Local influences are seen in the planning and layout of the temples, as they vary from the classic Roman design.”]

As I was walking around and taking a stroll down the past, I couldn’t help but notice the resemblance between some Arizona Turquoise I had just purchased and some carvings on the stones.


I immediately called a friend of mine, and asked her if she could see what I was seeing. I was happily amazed. Later that night I sent her the pictures of the turquoise so that she could understand what I was talking about. “We are surrounded by inspiration” is what she immediately said, and I couldn’t agree more. If you read my previous posts, you will have a deeper understanding of where my inspiration is coming from and yes, of course, we are surrounded by inspiration.


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When Laurent was pitching his ideas for Mukhi Sisters, Reverie on the Vine campaign, I immediately connected with this one. I loved that it spoke to me.

We’re always sharing our stories with our jewelry, and with this collection, we chose to start sharing with our campaign! We’ve created an Indian mood to shed the lights on our Indian origins.

It was a pleasure working with this team.Thank you guys.

Art Direction: Laurent Saad.

Photography: Eli Rizkallah | Plastik Studios.

Hair and Make-up: Ivan and Ivana.

Models: Velvet and L.I.P.S management.



Mukhi Sisters present: Reverie on the Vine.


Mukhi Sisters present: Reverie on the Vine.


Mukhi Sisters present: Reverie on the Vine.

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Balima, June 2013.

My sister Zeenat and I were having coffee with friends, when one of them showed up with this product from Sephora: it was like a temporary tattoo stamp with the texture of an eye-liner.

I decided to try it out on my hand, as I was exploring the idea of getting a new tattoo!! And then,  just like that- well actually I wanted to do something else at the beginning but well-just like that, the beautiful starry rings below saw the light 

…And a huge success they were! We were so happy to see them on so many Instagram posts and orders were coming in like crazy.

Come to think of it.. it wouldn’t be a bad idea to revisit this design and come up with a new version of it. Let’s see, time will tell!

On my way to an inspirational spree.

Meanwhile, have a look at the pics 


  • we made them in rose, yellow & white gold with diamonds and a few in black diamonds.


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I would like to introduce you to our Fleur de Lys ring. We designed this ring 6 years ago and we’ve worked on different versions of it.

It it from our vintage style collection Queen Vicky and it looks very well when stacked with other rings. This FDL rings follows the curves of my hand writing & basic sketch, that’s the curves are not pointy. We kept it that way to make it softer too!

Our clients like to wear the FDL with our *Navaratna ring as the combination of these two creates a beautiful harmony & they truly look good when worn together. You can check some of the stacks on instagram @mukhisisters.


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 In February 2009, three Indian-Lebanese sisters (Maya, Meena and Zeenat Mukhi) decided to take their passion for fine jewellery to the next level. And so Mukhi Sisters was born out of the vivacious influences of different cultures and rich traditions. The three sisters grew up surrounded by design and jewellery-making. Their childhood was full of private shows, trade exhibitions, seeing artisans at work and exciting discussions about the art and science of jewellery. It was only natural since their father, Chandru Mukhi, comes from a long line of Indian jewellers who have been in the business since 1875 and their mother, Effat Kreidie, has been the woman behind Effys Jewellery since 1982. This real history that spans generations makes Mukhi Sisters an independent brand that tells an exceptional story of its own.

For more personal insights about the brand, please follow @mukhisisters on instagram.

For Mukhi Sisters brand portfolio please go to

For press & distribution please send an email to

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When I first started watching GOT, I was psyched with the idea of having a dragon. So instead of dreaming of walking around with a small dragon on my shoulder, I took the opportunity to bring some of our carved Lapis Lazuli birds to life.

I chose to produce them in a vintage style to give them some edge. And that’s how they became unique pieces, part of Mukhi Sisters Queen Vicky collection.

• Queen Vicky

A tribute to days of yore, Queen Vicky is a signature Mukhi Sisters collection that is really two lines in one: authentic vintage pieces and reproductions of vintage pieces. The authentic vintage creations combine fresh design with gold craftsmanship and precious stones. The selection of reproductions breaks the boundaries between modern and old-world jeweler techniques. Every item embodies a regal tale that speaks to the timeless in you. Abandon yourself to the past with stunning Victorian brooches, necklaces, rings, and earrings. Reconnect with the romantic in you.

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